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Instruction Format

The formats of the basic 32-bit instructions for this architecture are shown in the two diagrams below.

First, the instructions that are 32 bits in length which can never affect the condition code bits, as they perform functions such as load and store, or jump are as follows:

Second, the instructions that are 32 bits long which perform arithmetic operations, and so have a C bit which will be set to 1 if the instruction is to affect the condition code bits:

Note that some of these instructions may have immediate values, or, more properly pseudo-immediate values, as shown in lines 2, 4 and 7 of the diagram, as opposed to a true immediate value as shown in line 5; in that case, they will take up more than 32 bits of space, but the immediate value is, for purposes of this classification, not considered part of the instruction itself.

If an immediate value is not used, the instructions are allowed in any block format; but pseudo-immediates can be used in any of the three block formats with a header, but not in a block without a header.

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