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The Ultimate Computer Front Panel

When it comes to front panels, of course, the ultimate front panel is the one shown on this page. To see most of it, you will need to scroll the page sideways to the right.

This, also by IBM, the front panel from the duplex maintenance console of the AN/FSQ-7 computer, used with SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment), part of a system for defence against nuclear bombers.

To see the entire panel, it is vitally important to scroll the browser window to the right.

First, here is the Duplex Maintenance Console. There were two of them, as each SAGE complex had two identical computers for purposes of reliability.

The Simplex Maintenance Console is somewhat more repetitive, as it controls the communications lines bringing information in to the complex, and it is depicted below.

Incidentally, due to the presence of a great deal of repetition in this panel, instead of depicting these control panels as single images, images have been made of the component parts of the panels, and they have then been combined through the use of the "table" command in HTML.

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