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Some notes about this site

For some time, only an abbreviated page about cryptography was on this site. However, recently Edmonton Freenet has increased the amount of disk space allocated to members, and so I have been able to place my whole cryptography page here once again.

This site is *under construction*! However, all of the chapters and sections of the book to which links exist are now present, except for brief periods during construction.

This site began as a text-only site, although monospaced fonts and italics were used from time to time from the beginning. A few pages now have images on them; several even have a background illustration. If you examine the HTML source, you will find an instructive example of elementary HTML. A brief introduction to HTML has now been added to this site, which includes pointers to the pages on this site where certain features have been used. As an example, I use the "emphasis" tag instead of the "italic" tag for italics. So, you will be able to visit this site even with early versions of Mosaic, and yet savor it fully. However, neither Netscape Navigator nor Microsoft Internet Explorer will hurt.

Recently, I have begun moving up to the current generation of browser technology in some respects. You may notice, from an examination of this page and some others on the site, that I am now using cascading style sheets, which make it easier to use different fonts while maintaining compatibility with earlier browsers.

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