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The ENTRY Statement

An ENTRY statement has the syntax

       ENTRY(entrytype) call ?; statement-number

where entrytype is one of FUNCTION, SUBROUTINE, OPERATOR, or LEFT_FUNCTION, and call has the same syntax as the remainder of the entrytype statement.

ENTRY statements provide alternate entries to subroutines or functions, and a subprogram can be a function through one entry point, and a subroutine through another.

?; , the meta-separator, acts as a super-separator, outside of the ordinary system of separators (\|;,:), enabling it to terminate a call block, and also meaning that it can be followed by end-of-record without that end-of-record ending the statement.

The statement-number gives the number of the executable statement at which execution will begin after a call to the entry; in FALCON, ENTRY statements must appear immediately after the subroutine header.

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