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Adams' Equal-Area Projection

This pseudo-cylindrical projection is also gentler than the Sinusoidal, although it does come to a point at the poles:

However, its main claim to fame is not simply any characteristics it may have as a projection in itself. Instead, this projection works well in combination with other projections.

Of course, it can be interrupted, like other pseudocylindrical projections. Note that I have chosen to have the same standard meridians in the northern and southern hemispheres. This projection is designed so that the positions of the parallels are the same as those in the equatorial case of Lambert's Azimuthal Equal-Area projection.

That means that the interrupted projection can be cut at the standard parallels it uses, and either part of a hemisphere on Lambert's projection or part of the world on the Hammer-Aitoff projection can be joined to it, as shown below:

which produces an effect somewhat similar to that of the Oxford projection, although this projection is completely equal-area.

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