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A Few Board Games of Interest

This section began with the page on Go being added beside the material on adding complexity to the games belonging to an already complex genre, the board wargame (as opposed to the miniatures wargame, also a type of game that is quite complex).

It was natural to accompany it with a page about a few games also played on the Go board; not the obvious ones such as Niniku Renju and Go-Moku, but games such as the one known (perhaps incorrectly) as Ming Mang and Alea Evangelii.

And then it seemed reasonable to add a page on Checkers, and that one grew to a point where it, too, needed to be split up.

I have added a page which discusses some proprietary games sold commercially, including King's Quest from Golden and Ploy from the 3M series of Bookshelf Games. Its primary focus is one particular family of games that seems never to have taken off, despite obtaining accolades from a number of luminaries, including even José Raoul Capablanca: the game offered by Parker Brothers as Camelot and later Inside Moves, and its predecessor Chivalry and their relatives.

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