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Is the world coming to an end on August 2, 2424?

Probably not, but for those seeking a new reason for groundless panic once the Maya fail us on December 21, 2012, read about the Aztec calendar on this page!

Other additions and changes have been made, noted in the page on Latest Additions which has now been updated.

The Slide Rule
Special Relativity
Archimedean Solids
The Fourth Dimension
Two Famous Equations
Introduction to HTML
The Mandelbrot Function
Color Charts
Diophantus at the Printer's Shop
Heptagonal Tilings
A Martian Calendar
A Space Habitat Design
The Equation of Time
Telescopes and Eyepieces:
What Computers Are Made From
Computer Floating-Point Formats
Computer Instruction Formats
Computer Keyboards
Keyboard Scan Codes
The Punched Card
Print Train Trivia
Printing Terminals and Proportional Spacing
Digital Magnetic Tape Recording
About a Computer Language
A Computer Architecture
The Perfect Computer?
Signal Flag Systems
The Vocalization of Hebrew
Movie and TV Aspect Ratios
A Limitation of Color Photography
Color Filter Array Designs
Unit Conversions
Comments on Wei Ch'i (or Go, or Baduk)
Don't Touch That Dial!
Color Television Madness
Patterns in Nature and Myth
On Philosophy and Ethics

This web site features an extensive section concerning cryptography:

A Cryptographic Compendium

And here is a direct link to its index page.

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Originally, I had among the pages on other topics, a single page about a map projection of my own. Now, having once again written, this time to run on a PC, a program to draw maps in a variety of projections, this site now also contains:

Map Projections

an extensive series of pages describing several map projections and how to construct them.

Note that there are some other topics addressed within the section on cryptography as well. Error-Correcting Codes have a page, and the section on teletypewriter ciphers illustrates many codes used with teletypewriters; more on this topic is at a page within the section on data compression. Particularly intriguing may be the proposal for representing a large repertoire of characters within 5-level code.

To view a wide range of other topics, go to the

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from where you can go directly to pages about unit conversions, color filter array designs, signal flag systems, the musical scale, telescopes and eyepieces, pentagonal tilings, the slide rule, infinity, Archimedean solids, The Greatest Modern Board Game of Skill, computer keyboards, computer front panels, and many other topics.

For quicker loading, the section on Featured Images which addresses a number of topics for which I have created drawings, but not a full page concerning the topic as yet, has been taken off the main page. It includes an image showing the purported relation of pi and the golden ratio to the Great Pyramid, and a new item, showing a solid with faces having octagonal symmetry and other faces having pentagonal symmetry.

A brief page with a few annotations about the Girl Genius web comic, for which a link banner appears to the right, is now on this site.

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The Slide Rule
Archimedean Solids
The Fourth Dimension
Rotations of a Dodecahedron
Examples of Groups
Two Famous Equations
Euler's Constant
Sphere Packings
Gödel's Theorem and the Halting Problem
Magic Squares
The Mandelbrot Function
Diophantus at the Printer's Shop

Pentagonal Tilings
Octagonal Tilings
Dodecagonal Tilings
Heptagonal Tilings

Perpetual Calendars
A Luni-Solar Calendar
A Simplified Calendar Proposal
Julian Day Numbers
A Martian Calendar
A Modest Proposal for the Abolition of the Leap Second
Happy Easter!
Happy Hanukkah!
The Mayan Calendar


A Few Words About Stars
A Space Habitat Design
Travel to Mars
Lining up the Planets
The Equation of Time
The Inconstant Moon
The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiments
The Fine-Structure Constant
Punctuated Equilibria

Telescopes and Eyepieces:
How a Telescope Works
Kinds of Telescopes
Telescope Mountings
Special Bonus Section:
Introduction to Geometrical Optics


A Few Openings (New!)
The Immortal Game (Anderssen-Kieseritzky)
Comments on the Rules
Dynamic Scoring
A Proposed Rating System
Tournament Tiebreaking
Chess Notation
Leaping Bat Chess
Random Variant Chess
Chess 2016 (New!)
Three-Dimensional Chess
Engagement Chess
Five-Player Chess
Four-Player Chess
An Unusual Board for Three-Player Chess
Spectral Realm Chess
Half-Shogi Chess
Temporary Marsellais Chess
Antimatter Universe Chess
An Ordinary Variant
Well-Known Forms of Chess
Traditional Enlarged Forms of Chess
Warring States Chess
The Game of the Three Kingdoms
Jetan, Barsoom's Game of Chess (New!)
The Game of Battle (New!)
Chess-Draughts (New!)
Hexagonal Chess
Hexagonal Chess, Part 2
S. Waider's Chess for Three Players
Enlarged and Improved Chess


How Does A Computer Work?
What Computers Are Made From
Computer Arithmetic
The General Layout of a Computer
The Old Days: Computing Without RAM
The Old Days: Decimal Computers

A Computer Architecture:
Memory-Reference Instructions
Additional Instructions
Basic Architecture
Restricted Functionality
Off-Chip Processing

The Perfect Computer?
Not Quite RISC
A Historical View of FORTRAN
Remembering APL
Computer Keyboards
Keyboard Scan Codes
About a Computer Language (EXALT, see below)
Computer Architectural Preferences
Computer Front Panels
The Punched Card
Print Train Trivia
Printing Terminals and Proportional Spacing
Digital Magnetic Tape Recording
Reforming ASCII and Unicode

Introduction to EXALT

Signal Flag Systems
The Vocalization of Hebrew
Introduction to HTML
Color Charts
Building Blocks and the Pythagorean Triangle
Efficient and Flexible Text Encoding
Design for a Tall Building

The Musical Scale
More Complicated Temperaments
A Bit About Musical Notation
Some Interesting Keyboards
A Bit About Chords

Movie and TV Aspect Ratios
A Limitation of Color Photography
Color Filter Array Designs
Unit Conversions


Board Games Other Than Chess
A Few Board Games of Interest
Comments on Wei Ch'i (or Go, or Baduk)

Two-Move and Three-Move Restrictions
The Perfect Game [of checkers]?
Other Forms of Checkers
Hasami Shogi, Seega, and Other Related Games
Ludus Latrunculorum
English Gothic Double Checkers

Other Uses for a Go Board
The Greatest Modern Board Game of Skill
The Jungle Game

The Perfect [board] Game?
Making Wargames More Complicated
Making Full Use of Three Ordinary Dice
The World is Round
Making Board Games More Complicated
Space Battles in Three Dimensions

The Real Game of Bridge
Siberian Semi-Contract Whist (or Bridge)
Bridge for Six: Trivial Whist
Counting Tricks Before They're Hatched
The Semi-Tarock Deck

Don't Touch That Dial!
Color Television Madness
Four Speakers from Two Channels?
A Problem in Applied Geometry

A Phonemic Alphabet
Two Schemes For Elections
Patterns in Nature and Myth

A Note on Large Numbers
A Unified Architecture for Telephone Numbers
On Philosophy and Ethics

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